One-click installment plans and postponement offers for credit-card payments

Is your bank offering installment plans on high-value credit card purchases? Wouldn’t it be nice if this great financial tool was so easy to use, any cardholder could activate a custom installment plan on any purchase, or conveniently postpone any payment for a fee?

PaymentNinja does just that, creating convenience for cardholders and extra revenue for banks.

Once the card processing system identifies a transaction eligible for an installment plan or postponement, PaymentNinja automatically sends out a mobile offer. Cardholders can view these offers on any mobile with a web browser, and easily choose between various payment plan options. No cryptic SMS to write, no calls to make, no transaction codes to remember.

Unlike SMS-only offers, PaymentNinja provides detailed information about the transaction, including payment terms and costs, allowing consumers to make more informed decisions, and markedly reducing the number of complaints.

Identify eligible transactions and send out mobile offers.
Cardholders use their mobile browsers to select installment plans.